CROSSOVER Trailer Features

Total Length
520 cm
Total Width
207 cm
Total Height
255 cm On-Road, 270 cm Off-Road
189 cm
Interior Length
390 cm
Bed Capacity
2 + 2
1350 kg
1800 kg


With its unique style, this new generation caravan is equipped with an independent suspension system and offers unparalleled comfort both in the city and in nature throughout all four seasons. The Crossover, with its modern and sleek design, will make your travels more enjoyable than ever. Whether you're embarking on an adventure in snow-covered mountains in winter or finding peace on warm beaches in summer, the Crossover will be by your side at all times. With superior road handling and comfortable interiors, it provides the comfort of home all year round. Perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of city life or enjoying the beauty of nature, the Crossover will be your best companion in any condition and any season.


Chassis and Suspension System

HANKOOK 205/80R16 104T Dynapro
Knott Axle
Knott Brake Coupling
Knott Support Wheel

Exterior Design

GRP Composite Panel
Insulated Body 30mm EPS
Specially Designed Storage Areas ( 1100 LT )

Interior Design

Opposite Seats - 128x198 cm / Convertible to bed
Double Bunk Bed Area ( 70x200cm )
Wide Massive Kitchen Counter (50x90cm - 40cm Extendable)
Interior Drawers and Cabinets

Gas System

Gas Controller and Connection Equipment ( Truma )
Gas Regulator and Gas Filter ( Truma )

Water Plumbing System

Locked water intake point (Berhimi)
Water Tank (90 Lt.)
Hydrophore ( Jabsco )
Expansion tank ( Singflo )

Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

Hot & Cold Folding Faucet ( CNRB 1488 )
Bathroom Faucet ( Trigger Faucet with Comet-spiral )
Bathroom Sink ( Smooth 70)

Window and Ventilation Equipment

50x70 Ceiling Heki ( MPK )
Mosquito and Curtain Window (20x40)
Fly Screen and Curtain Window - 3 Pieces ( 30x70 )
Window with Fly Screens and Curtains - 3 pieces ( 30x50 )
Window with Fly Screens and Curtains - 2 pieces ( 30x70 )
Door Screen
Bathroom Ventilation Aspirator

Safety, Emergency, and Adventure Equipment

Gas Detector
CO Detector
Single Manual Step
Rear Adventure Kit

Lighting and Control System

Rear Tail Lamp Group


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Energy System

Lighting and Control System

Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

Comfort Equipment

Water and Space Heater

Gas System

Safety, Emergency, and Adventure Equipment

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